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Beantown Marketing & Promotions is a long established leader in wholesale promotional marketing products for family restaurants and businesses. Beantown helps contribute to a family-friendly environment with creative customer loyalty solutions. These solutions may include branded merchandise programs, incentive programs, and custom-printed products for kids, like crayons, coloring books, novelty toys and more.

Beantown Marketing Promotions executes branding solutions for many industry-leading companies including national restaurant chains and major independents, grocery chains, high-volume furniture retailers, and distributors to the automotive industry. Our low wholesale prices and outstanding customer service keep our customers coming back time and time again.

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– make your customer’s visits memorable with custom-printed lollipops, balsa gliders, treasure-chest of toys,custom-imprinted cups and novelty toys.

Great for all types of businesses including Banks, Doctor’s Offices, Hardware Stores and other Local Businesses.


HOTELS & RESORTS – treat the entire family
as guests at your hotel or resort by providing

the children with a welcome package on check-in. Silly straws, coloring books, small novelties and toys all make happy kids.RESTAURANTS – greet every child with an assortment of fun restaurant promotional products that enhance the dining experience for the entire family, including crayons, placemats, kids cups, activity sheets and silly straws.

FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS – greet every child with a kids menu printed on a colorful bouncing balloon.


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